Auvinyà is a village in the Principality of Andorra which belongs to the Parish of Sant Julià de Lòria – formerly Lauredia. Documents show that in the year 857 (ninth century), a settlement called “Albigano” already existed here. Over time this name has come to be Auvinyà, probably derived from “vinya”, the Catalan word for vineyard.

The village enjoys an exceptional location, it is surrounded by fields of tobacco plants and grass for livestock as well as vineyards and apple orchards. Being the only village in Andorra to have never been publicly accessible has helped to preserve the ancient centre.

In the past, settlers practised subsistence farming, growing grain and fruit and vegetables as well as raising livestock. Residents went by foot or on animals to Sant Julià for tools and food.

A written homage has been placed to all the ancestors who suffered shortages and difficulties in order to subsist in Andorra.