The works started in 2005, the foundations were laid in the June of the same year and the project took four years to complete.

The architectural project started with a phase of documentation and research about ancestral homes in Andorra. All materials, such as the stone (for houses, paving stones and porches) and the slate used in the roofs, as well as other elements used, are from Andorra. The Sant Ivo church has been constructed with a Romanesque style and includes a sculpture of this Saint. There are also images of the Verge de Canòlich, patrón Saint of Lauredia and of the Verge de Meritxell, patron Saint of Andorra, as well as an artisanal cast bronze bell. There are two medieval towers, eight 3m x 3m iron panels taking up part of the Plaça de la Història, where a summary of all of the country’s ages can be found. The two Roman bridges and other unique pieces, such as the front doors of the houses, the lamps, the signs, the balconies and the forged iron figures, are all traditional parts of the village.

The construction of this dream project, which has been possible – according to Ricard Fiter Vilajoana – thanks to the constant support and help of the family that have made his dreams their own, and to the workforce that has worked on it under the technical leadership of our architects Alfons i Marcel·lí Valdes. All this leads us to believe that this is already an architectural landmark of our Andorra.